Reiki is a powerful healing for physical, emotional,mental and spiritual issues. The translation of the Japanese word Reiki is Spiritual Energy.

Consist in a gentle touch in specific points of your body. You will be lay down and you don’t need to do anything, just relaxing while the Energy is healing you through my hands.

Reiki treatments are a really good stress and muscle tension relief, help to heal emotional problems and to bring clarity and intuitions in difficult situations.  Can be used as pain relief and can help in cases of sickness and injuries. In general it can bring a bigger understanding and acceptance of your situation in your life. Can be used on people of any age.

So Reiki with its powerful and full of love energy really help to heal every aspect of your life!

I use a mix of Eastern and Western Reiki traditions in an intuitive way, so usually I work on all the body but  I also feel the parts that need more attention and focus on them.  Once again you don’t need to do anything, or have had any kind of previous experience or preparation: just relax and be open to the healing and flowing of Reiki.

braccia al cielo Reiki-Hands-lge3


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