About me

I am Subira Sotgiu a passionate Reiki healer. I received the attunements for Reiki level 1 and level 2 in Reiki Academy of Torsten Lange in London. Since then, I use Reiki in my everyday life for myself, people and situations that surround me, for friends and clients.

I really feel that Reiki help every aspect of the life in a really simple, natural and clear way. Since I started Reiki I feel really grateful to have the possibility to help and heal myself and other people, to have a tool to spread love, understanding, healing on this world.

I am really intuitive and creative, I am also an artist, painter a sculptor and this really helped me to go deeper in Reiki and start a research in the spirituals practices, meditation, tarot and of course art. I am still looking for a way to re-elaborate a combination of all of them .

I use a combination of Eastern and Western Reiki tradition in a intuitive and creative way in order to really focus on the problems and on the areas of need.

If you are curious about my artworks you can visit my website: http://subirasotgiu.wordpress.com/  or, if you have decide to receive  a treatment, you will have the opportunity to see them in my studio. These artworks I have choose to decorate my studio help to create a relaxing and coloured environment.


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